Welcome to The Maritime Nut Company

Where every crunch tells a story of tradition and flavor.

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We deliver the freshest, tastiest product on the market today

Delicious recipes come in both sweet and savoury options

that perfectly compliment the unique flavours of each nut.

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Located Southwest Cove in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Honouring the traditional German roasting techniques that have been passed down over generations.

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New recipes that suit you.

New recipes have been added to include low-sugar options for people with diabetes.

Gluten-free or vegan options available.

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Welcome to Maritime Gourmet Nut Company,

where every crunch tells a story of tradition and flavor.


Maritime Gourmet Nut Company, based in Southwest Cove, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, is deeply rooted in the tradition of German nut roasting techniques.

Embracing methods passed down through generations, we honor the rich heritage behind every crunchy delight.

Our story begins in Munich, Germany, where nut roasting evolved from a simple harvest ritual to a beloved tradition at beer festivals.

Apprenticing under a German family who immigrated a generation ago, we've mastered the time-honored techniques firsthand. Using authentic German equipment, we craft traditionally roasted almonds, cashews, peanuts, and pumpkin seeds, offering a range of sweet and savory recipes that perfectly complement the unique flavors of each nut.

At Maritime Gourmet Nut Company, we're dedicated to delivering the freshest and most flavorful products, ensuring every bite is a taste of tradition and excellence.

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